19 Aug

New Government Fees and How They Can Affect YOUR Home Loan

A new government fee took affect September 1, 2020 with the potential to increase the cost of your home loan. Catalyst Mortgage, CEO, Brandon Haefele, shared insight on the fee with News Radio KFBK.

Many homeowners will still save money on refinance, but he suggests getting clear about 3 things. First, compare your current rate to the refinanced rate to determine if it makes sense. Next, know how long you plan to stay in the home. Finally, know your credit score.

Rates are the lowest they’ve been since 1970, but some credit scores may not qualify for rates below 3%. Make sure you do the math and know what the loan will cost you and how much you’ll save. Catalyst believes that the more you know, the better choice you’ll make. If you have questions we can help.

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