22 Sep

Local Expertise on 2022 Sacramento Mortgage Rates

While higher mortgage rates are a big hurdle, consumers should look at homeownership as more of a marathon than a sprint. On Fox40 News, Brandon Haefele, CEO of Catalyst Mortgage, highlights why having a local expert in your corner will be the greatest advantage in your homeownership marathon.

29 Mar

Sacramento Housing Bidding War

Sacramento ranks 20th in the nation for homes sold at a head-spinning $100,000 above asking price. Brandon Haefele, CEO of Catalyst Mortgage, plots out what it takes to win the bidding war.

10 Mar

Link Between Interest Rates and Current Events

What’s the link between interest rates and current events? FOX40 spoke to Catalyst Mortgage CEO, Brandon Haefele, about trends and impacts on the housing market.
08 Mar

Navigate Current Interest Rate Changes

Roll with the punches of the current housing market and stay on top of volatile rates. Brandon Haefele, CEO of Catalyst Mortgage, explains changes to the market and how you can navigate through current events affecting interest rates.

24 Feb

Get Competitive in the Housing Market

Are you paying attention to the sizzling housing market? Brandon Haefele, CEO of Catalyst Mortgage, talks us through how to increase our power as homeowners – and as potential homeowners – in today’s red-hot market.


04 Feb

Don’t Panic. Buckle Up.

Don’t panic. Get competitive and ready for rising rates. On Fox40 News, CEO of Catalyst Mortgage, Brandon Haefele, maps out the strategy needed to rise above the noise of the housing market.

18 Jan

Insight on Rising Mortgage Rates in Sacramento

As mortgage rates climb, would-be home buyers and homeowners looking to refinance should know there are still ways to get very low rates, even close to 3%. Catalyst Mortgage CEO, Brandon Haefele, shared his insight with Fox40 News on how to cut your interest rate as mortgage rates rise.

01 Dec

Compete with Investors in the Sacramento Housing Market

Investors account for one in five homes sold in Sacramento — a 60% increase from a year ago. How can you compete when inventory is scarce and prices are high? Local housing and lending expert Brandon Haefele, CEO of Catalyst Mortgage talked with Fox40 about how local home buyers can build a winning game plan for todays’ market.

04 Nov

Mortgage Rates Drop To Historic Lows!

For the first time in history mortgage rates have dropped below 3%. Catalyst Mortgage CEO, Brandon Haefele spoke with FOX40 about what this means to consumers shopping for a new home or refinance. Rates in the mid to high 2% range can boost buying power and save consumers an average of $400 on monthly payments compared to just two years ago. Haefele also reminds viewers of the importance of shopping around before signing to fully understand costs and fees. If you’d like more information or have any questions, please call 916.287.7777 or visit us online. We’re happy to help.