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During our years of serving customers at Catalyst Mortgage with hundreds of different lending needs, we have found innovative solutions for our clients that are based on our decades of experience and our relationships with our industry partners. Each week, our Catalyst Report shares our experience and advice by providing insights into current industry news, best practices for lending and other helpful tips for homeowners. If you have a question, please give us a call at 916.287.7777 or ask using the button below.

Best of Catalyst Report: MPI and PMI

In case you missed our original posting from 9.11.17 check it out today.

You may need both Mortgage Protection Insurance (MPI) AND Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI). Brandon Haefele, CEO/President, Catalyst Mortgage, and Amy Lewiskfbk, NewsRadio KFBK discuss why on on this weeks’ Catalyst Report.

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Your Mortgage Questions Answered – Just ask!

You’ve got mortgage questions? We’ve got answers. Ask your question below or privately through FB messenger and Brandon Haefele, President/CEO, Catalyst Mortgage will personally answer your questions.

Navigating a Shifting Market, Raising Rates and Homes that Linger on the Market

In this week’s Catalyst Report, Brandon Haefele, CEO/President, Catalyst Mortgage, talks with Amy Lewis – KFBK about the state of the state rates.

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Their Words - Our Service

Banks want you to jump through hoops. Not these guys – they made the entire process very smooth.
Miguel Tovar / Realtor®
They took the time to explain how the mortgage business really works. Then they beat the big banks by half a percentage point.
Vera Sandrosky and Alan Hirsch / Catalyst Mortgage Client
These guys showed us everything. No hidden fees, no tricks, nothing. It was full disclosure, start to finish.
Tim and Liz Ryan / Catalyst Mortgage Client

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