25 Sep

How Do You Compete With a Cash Offer on the Home of Your Dreams?

You can get the home of your dreams even when you’re competing against several offers or a cash offer. Brandon Haefele, CEO/President of Catalyst Mortgage, was a guest on FOX40 News to share his insights on the best strategies to purchase a home in this highly competitive sellers market.

It starts with the foundation of getting pre-approved s that you are ready to make an offer immediately – but there’s more you can do. You can leverage a strategy to make your offer rise to the top. Rates are as low as 2%-3%.

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19 Aug

New Government Fees and How They Can Affect YOUR Home Loan

A new government fee took affect September 1, 2020 with the potential to increase the cost of your home loan. Catalyst Mortgage, CEO, Brandon Haefele, shared insight on the fee with News Radio KFBK.

Many homeowners will still save money on refinance, but he suggests getting clear about 3 things. First, compare your current rate to the refinanced rate to determine if it makes sense. Next, know how long you plan to stay in the home. Finally, know your credit score.

Rates are the lowest they’ve been since 1970, but some credit scores may not qualify for rates below 3%. Make sure you do the math and know what the loan will cost you and how much you’ll save. Catalyst believes that the more you know, the better choice you’ll make. If you have questions we can help.

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23 Jul

Mortgage Rates Drop to HISTORIC Lows!

For the first time in history, mortgage rates have dropped below 3%. Catalyst Mortgage CEO, Brandon Haefele, spoke with FOX40 News about what this means to consumers shopping for a new home or refinance.

Rates in the mid to high 2% range can boost buying power and save consumers an average of $400 on monthly payments compared to just two years ago. Haefele also reminds viewers of the importance of shopping around before signing to fully understand costs and fees.

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18 Jun

Working From Home Changing the Housing Market in Sacramento

Working from home has given people more options concerning where they can live. Urban workers are looking at the suburbs for communities that are more spread out. Brandon Haefele, CEO/President of Catalyst Mortgage, appeared on FOX40 News to highlight changing lending requirements. If you knew your buying power in March 2020, it may change over time.

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14 Apr

How to Navigate Tightening Mortgage Lending Standards

Mortgage lenders have tightened up on lending requirements during the pandemic. Brandon Haefele, CEO/President of Catalyst Mortgage, appeared on FOX40 News to discuss what you need to get approved for a new home loan. It’s always a good idea to shop around in order to make the best decision. Just like finding the elusive loaf of bread and fresh eggs, one store may not have it and another store may have everything on your list. One lender may not offer the program you want, but the one around the corner may offer the loan product that you need.

The new home of your dreams is possible during this unprecedented time. If you have one question or five, we are here to help. Call us at (916) 287-7777 and one of our loan officers can give you the latest information about your personal situation.

24 Mar

Mortgage Options During COVID

Brandon Haefele, CEO/President of Catalyst Mortgage, was on FOX40 News to discuss options available to homeowners during COVID-19. There are programs in place to provide assistance for your home loan payment during this time. Catalyst Mortgage is open to help you access your options.

19 Feb

Mortgage Rates at Near Record LOWS

Interest rates are at near record lows. The last time they were this low was 5 decades ago! Brandon Haefele, CEO/President of Catalyst Mortgage, speaks with FOX40 News about how COVID may be affecting mortgage rates.

06 Feb

4 Steps To Becoming A Homeowner

Catalyst Mortgage CEO/President Brandon Haefele sits down with Fox40 news anchor, Pedro Rivera, to discuss ways individuals can become homeowners and help ensure they get the best mortgage for their financial situation.