12 Mar

Fox 40 News – Bait and Switch

Bait and switch can in the mortgage industry isn’t a game. It can cost you thousands of dollars. Brandon Haefele, CEO/President, Catalyst Mortgage, talked with Mae Fesai, FOX40 News, about how you can protect yourself from these deceptive lending tactics this morning.

06 Feb

Climbing Interest Rates for Homebuyers

Sacramento housing market: Climbing interest rates, higher prices and fewer homes on the market. What should a home-shopper do? — The CEO/President of Catalyst Mortgage in Sacramento Brandon Haefele is in the studio with Simone with some tips for homebuyers because long-term mortgage rates increased for the fourth-consecutive week, reaching the highest level since March 2017 – causing much concern among many home-shoppers.

04 Jan

Home Lending Limit Increase

Mae Fesai with FOX40 interviews Brandon Haefele, President/CEO of Catalyst Mortgage about how the changes in Fannie Mae/FreddyMac home lending limit may allow more people to qualify for a 30-year fixed Fanny Mae loan.

17 Oct

Fire Affected Areas Costing Homeowners

On the morning of October 17th, 2017, on FOX40, Brandon Haefele, CEO/President of Catalyst Mortgage, discussed how the fires in Northern California are impacting mortgages in the burned areas of the state, but also in the cities surrounding the damage.

04 Sep

New Freddie Mac Program

Brandon Haefele w/ Catalyst Mortgage (New Freddie Mac Program)

Posted by NewsRadio KFBK on Monday, September 4, 2017

Brandon Haefele w/ Catalyst Mortgage (New Freddie Mac Program)

11 Jul

What To Know When Buying Your First Home


Less than half of the households in Sac can afford to buy a home. If you fall into that catgory there's some changes in the market that may finally help you get into a home. First time homebuyers - heads up! Thanks to Brandon Haefele and Catalyst Mortgage - NMLS #236492 for the skinny on the housing market in Sac

Posted by Mae Fesai on Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Mae Fesai interviewed Brandon Haefele, CEO/President, of Catalyst Mortgage, on FOX40 about tips to help first-time homebuyers get into their first house.

If anyone has any questions about buying their first home — or their second, please feel free to post them here or give us a call at 916.287.7777.