Bait and Switch

Bait and switch mortgage lenders. Brandon Haefele, CEO/President, Catalyst Mortgage, talks with Amy Lewis, morning anchor, NewsRadio KFBK about protecting yourself from being taken to the cleaners with your home loan in today’s Catalyst Report.

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During our years of serving customers at Catalyst Mortgage with hundreds of different lending needs, we have found innovative solutions for our clients that are based on our decades of experience and our relationships with our industry partners. Each week, our Catalyst Report shares our experience and advice by providing insights into current industry news, best practices for lending and other helpful tips for homeowners. If you have a question, please give us a call at 916.287.7777 or ask using the button below.

Welcoming KFBK’s Dan Mitchinson

We are thrilled to welcome KFBK’s Dan Mitchinson to the Catalyst Mortgage team. On this week’s Catalyst Report, Brandon Haefele, CEO/President, Catalyst mortgage and NewsRadio KFBK’s weekday morning co-anchor Amy Lewis welcome co-anchor Dan Mitchinson and learn why HE trusts Catalyst.

Disappearing Ultra Low Interest Rates

Interest rates hit a four year high. What does that mean to you? Brandon Haefele, CEO/President of Catalyst Mortgage talks with KFBK anchor, Amy Lewis, about the disappearing ultra low interests rates in this week’s Catalyst Report.

Top 3 Home Loan Questions

Your top three questions about home loans? Get the answers on this week’s Catalyst Report with Brandon Haefele, CEO/President, Catalyst Mortgage and NewsRadio KFBK’s Amy Lewis.

New Tax Rules and Home Loans

Thinking about tapping into a home equity loan? Check out the latest Catalyst Report with Brandon Haefele, CEO/President, Catalyst Mortgage and Amy Lewiskfbk, for the latest on the new tax rules.

Rising Rates and Home Purchasing Power

Find out rising interest rates affect your home purchasing power on this week’s Catalyst Report with Brandon Haefele, CEO/President, Catalyst Mortage, hosted by NewsRadio KFBK’s morning anchor, Amy Lewiskfbk.

Home Safety for the Holidays

Local experts from Folsom, Fire Chief, Felipe Rodriguez and Sacramento Police Department, Detective Eddie MacCaulay, offer specific ways to keep you and your loved ones secure during this festive season and beyond in this week’s Catalyst Report.

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