19 Mar

Bait and Switch

Bait and switch mortgage lenders. Brandon Haefele, CEO/President, Catalyst Mortgage, talks with Amy Lewis, morning anchor, NewsRadio KFBK about protecting yourself from being taken to the cleaners with your home loan in today’s Catalyst Report.

12 Mar

Welcoming KFBK’s Dan Mitchinson

We are thrilled to welcome KFBK’s Dan Mitchinson to the Catalyst Mortgage team. On this week’s Catalyst Report, Brandon Haefele, CEO/President, Catalyst mortgage and NewsRadio KFBK’s weekday morning co-anchor Amy Lewis welcome co-anchor Dan Mitchinson and learn why HE trusts Catalyst.

12 Mar

Fox 40 News – Bait and Switch

Bait and switch can in the mortgage industry isn’t a game. It can cost you thousands of dollars. Brandon Haefele, CEO/President, Catalyst Mortgage, talked with Mae Fesai, FOX40 News, about how you can protect yourself from these deceptive lending tactics this morning.

06 Feb

Climbing Interest Rates for Homebuyers

Sacramento housing market: Climbing interest rates, higher prices and fewer homes on the market. What should a home-shopper do? — The CEO/President of Catalyst Mortgage in Sacramento Brandon Haefele is in the studio with Simone with some tips for homebuyers because long-term mortgage rates increased for the fourth-consecutive week, reaching the highest level since March 2017 – causing much concern among many home-shoppers.