These guys showed me where the other company was trying to make a fortune off me.
Giovanni Parisi / Catalyst Mortgage Client
Banks want you to jump through hoops. Not these guys – they made the entire process very smooth.
Miguel Tovar / Realtor®
They took the time to explain how the mortgage business really works. Then they beat the big banks by half a percentage point.
Vera Sandrosky and Alan Hirsch / Catalyst Mortgage Client
These guys showed us everything. No hidden fees, no tricks, nothing. It was full disclosure, start to finish.
Tim and Liz Ryan / Catalyst Mortgage Client
At first I thought their rates were too good to be true. But they delivered on absolutely everything.
Elizabeth Bos / Realtor®
No way would I get this level of service from a bank. Catalyst treated me like I was their only client.
Katrina Martin / Catalyst Mortgage Client
Unbelievable! Who would have thought I could drop my rate 3 times in 2 years with zero fees? My job puts me in front of a lot of lenders, but none of them ever offer me the level of service and pricing that you do. Thank you so much!
Rita J. Lewis, CRB / Manager / Carmel, CA
You were able to take something as daunting as buying my first house and turn it into a very pleasant experience. You can be sure that when I’m ready to upgrade, I will definitely come to you. Thank you very much!
Sandra Gross / Sacramento, CA
You’ve helped me lower my interest rate twice now with zero loan fees and it not only saves me money in the long term but helps my budget in the near term. Thanks again for all your help.
Tim Brandt / Sacramento, CA
From the time your catchy mail flyer caught my eye with a suggestion of very low interest rates, I was very pleased as you walked me through the process and proved your assertions. The process was complicated for you because I was already 75% down the road with a competitor. As I did my due diligence, with your support, I became convinced of your bona fides. I did side-by-side comparisons, while trying to protect the competitor’s information, to determine a comparison on every aspect of the loan proposals. And since I am analytical to a fault, I really appreciated your taking the time to educate me and respond to all my questions. Things were further complicated by the extreme volatility going on in the financial markets at the time and the hour-by-hour shifting of rates and terms. You advised me frequently as rates and terms changed in my favor. You never took me for granted. After I made my decision, everything went as you had predicted. The process closed on time, the loan was funded and the payoffs accomplished as scheduled. If I have the opportunity, I will certainly highly recommend you and your firm.
Mike Kalashian / San Jose, CA
I want to thank you again for the great service you provided during my refinance process. You went above and beyond in helping me determine the best loan for my situation and made the entire refinance process smooth and painless. Although we talked off-and-on for nearly one year before I decided to use your company, you never stopped providing continual and helpful information. You genuinely encouraged me to shop other lenders and brokers and after all of my research it became clear Catalyst Mortgage was the best choice. It was a pleasure working with you and should the opportunity arise, I will gladly use your services again.
Eric X. Valencia / Moraga, CA
I enthusiastically recommend Catalyst Mortgage for mortgage finance/refinancing services. Not only was Catalyst able to achieve the most competitive interest rate and closing costs for me, but they provided excellent service throughout the entire process by thoroughly and patiently explaining all of mechanics and options so that I could make the most informed decisions for my refinancing situation.
Gwen Knittweis / Sacramento, CA